AudioTrack and LoudSpeaker


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i am working on small program using audiotrack and audiorecord "Not audiorecorder" libraries,
to take the audio from the microphone and feed it through buffer to audiotrack
Buffer Live , the intention is to hear the voice from the microphone played live in the speaker , i have initialized the Audiotrack this way:


then i was able to hear just loud noise playing and my voice plays but in low volume, then i changed initializing the audiotrack replacing STREAM_MUSIC WITH STREAM_VOICE_CALL

this way :


Now i got my voice playing real clear without any noise but playing on the speaker Not the loud speaker.

How can i have my voice played on the loud speaker , i know that when we receive phone call with android there is option on screen "speaker" which turns loud speaker On, how can i accomplish that for the AudioTrack,

i am using pcm_16 with 16 bit and the GetMinBufferSize to get set the buffer size to minimum

any help will be appreciated.

i can post the whole code if any body need to examine