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    As a reaction on some code I see. As in the help-example the goto can give unpredictable results. The code will be verry difficult to debug. Tip: don't use labels other then an errorlabel. Let the sub do just one single task, so you can call the entire sub in recursive.

    Sub btnDCRecSave_Click
    ' pre het keyfield is uniek
    ' post waardes worden weggescheven in de geheugentabel

    If KeyFieldUnique(date) = true Then
    lvYesNo =Msgbox("date already exists. Delete existing record??")," ",cmsgboxYesNo,cMsgBoxQuestion)
    If lvYesNo =cYes Then
    smnuDCRecDelete_Click 'RecordDelete(aTable) <-- delete the record that has the same keyfield
    gv_tbl_mutaties = true
    gv_rec_Mutaties = false
    btnDCRecSave_Click 'recursieve call <--- checks again the keyfield if it is unique
    End If
    End If
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