Android Question B4A ABwifi 2.03


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sorry, i don't understand how to work this question into user alwaysbusy's stream.

can you explain what startwifi - as you meant to implement it - does? i notice that in version 2.03 you added enablewifi and disablewifi to startwifi and stopwifi. what's the difference in your mind?
your demo does not use enablewifi or disablewifi, but you do trap for the isenabled event. since enablewifi raises that event, i'm wondering where you saw it coming into play since it doesn't appear in the demo.

i have tested the library on a galaxy nexus running 4.4.2 with wifi disabled and enabled. when i test with wifi disabled, your startwifi call seems to turn on the wifi sub-system without my needing to call
enablewifi. if this is the case, when would i need to use enablewifi?

furthermore, in your documentation you refer to the startwifi as startabwifi, which - to my mind - sounds like it has more to do with your library than with turning on wifi. yet that's what it seems to do.
at least on the device i've tested it on. i can try on other devices, but i'd like to understand what the new subs bring to the mix.

do you envision the proper sequence as: enablewifi and then getreadings within the isenabled event (if true)? without using startwifi at all? are enablewifi and startwifi mutually exclusive?

version 2.03 solves the problems mentioned previously in the forum, so a word of thanks for that.

thanks for any clarification.