B4A and B4J developer needed!

Mihai Morosan

New Member
Hi Everyone!

I represent a software company that is in need for some app development.

We need a Point of Sale frontend for restaurants that will run on Android, Win and Mac.

We are developing the backend in C# (ASP.NET) - It is not yet finished, but You will be given API documentation for the comunication between frontend and backend.

Basicaly we need 3 apps:
1. B4A phone app (for displays <6") - portrait view
2. B4A tablet app (for displays >6") - landscape view
3. B4J app

The frontend will need to have it's own database (sqllite) and will have to sync with backend (json rest api).

App features needed:
B4A phone app:
1. user login
2. table management
3. orders mangament

B4A tablet / B4J app:
1. user login
2. table management
3. orders management
4. orders/recepits history
5. small reporting

Access to source code needs to be provided at all times.

Deadline: 31.03.2015

Anyone interested please PM me for more details!