B4a apps generating money on google play


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Please post your app that generates a revenue for you ! want to commend do it once on the botom of your post after your apps links !

Here is my apps that contribue to my actual revenue :

***Easy CAD dimensions - inapp purchase unlock app features

***Voice Command - paid app with free version

***Itag - paid app with free trial free version

***Football tips - inapp purchase unlock app features

***Betting system- inapp purchase unlock app features

Because the money generated by each apps does not have any relevance because it depends on many things we will try to find out just some apps examples that users would pay for its usage !!

Most of my apps are generating revenue from inapp purchase and paid apps more I recently canceled all the advertising (Addmob banned me long time ago and startapp disappointed me after delivering some advertising interstitial that could not be canceled by the user and blocked the browser, anyway advertising for me was not performing very well, now the only advertising I do is for my own apps or asking to upgrade to the paid app)

Hope you will find other examples from the members of this community !


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okay, here we go:


Invaders Deluxe

Mars Invaders

Thse thre make up 99% of my income, with 99% of that income being from admob in game adverts. I do have one in-app purchase, which is too remove ads on the Invaders game, but my plan for 2019 is expand out the number of purchases available to include no ads on all my games and add in game items too.

I am aiming for 2019 to be a big push on improving my income from games. By releasing more games, and changing how I use ads in my existing games. One area I want to push harder on is rewarded ads, to give the player something extra for watching an add, right now it's just an extra life at game over, but I'd like to off in game powerups for watching ads.