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I'm looking for someone to help setup an application I have in mind, I can do data entry after the fact. I can also work on the PHP code. I'm looking for someone to help design the app.

Features that will be used / needed in the app:
Database access (multiple tables)
Push Notification (server ->client, client ->client, client ->server)
basic forms (auto update table(s))
as well as initial registration to app with submit to web site also using pin #
***Eventually map integration***
*** GPS location ***

this is basically for an application for use with small EMS service, if it is well received, I would be interested in duplicating it for IOS and windows phones.

message me if this sounds interesting to help with.

**** Oh yes, pay can be discussed, and there would be other options available as well
services available now that offer similar (much less) features, run for anywhere from 29 - $$$ per month (so if you would be interested I would be willing out work for partial ownership).
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