B4A -Ideas for new projects


Hello all,

I have just started learning B4A.
There are quite a few apps that I have been wanting to develop.
I have already developed a simple app which served my purose very well. I will share it shortly in the "Share your creations" sub-forum.
But, it is certainly going to take a long long time for me to come up to the level of developing them all by myself.

So, I thought, why not put it up in the forum.
Since the ideas would be of varying complexity, everyone from beginners to experienced developers can have a go at it.

If all the ideas are put in a single post, then there will be too much of cross communication.
So, I intend to start a separate thread for each such idea with the title "B4A -Project idea -blah blah blah"
I hope it is permitted in this forum.

Anyone can submit his/her example fulfilling the project requirements.
This could be a kind of coding exercise / challenge.