Android Question [B4A] Move cursor at the end of text in InputDialog


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Hello there!
I'm using this Dialog library to pop-up some InputDialog.

Those dialogs are shown when the user wants to edit some data in the app.
The actual value is shown in a Label.
When the InputDialog is called, I managed to show in the edit text area the actual value of the linked Label, but the cursor is at the very beginning of the text and I'd like to move it to the end...or even have the text fully selected.
Whatever the case, I can't find a way to do it.
Should I use a CustomDialog, maybe?

    Dim id As InputDialog
    id.InputType = 0x00000003
    If kvs.Get("Tel") <> Null Then
    id.Input = kvs.Get("Tel")
    End If
    Dim ev As Object = id.ShowAsync("", "Numero di telefono:", "Ok", "", "Annulla", Null, False)
    Wait For (ev) Dialog_Result(Result As Int)
    If Result = DialogResponse.POSITIVE Then
        lblTel.Text = kvs.Get("Tel")
    End If


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The lib you are using is 10 years ols. I am pretty sure if Erel sees your thread, he will recommend B4XDialog with B4XInputTemplate. Here is a small example you can apply to your situation, after you expose the native view:
Dim input As B4XInputTemplate
    input.lblTitle.Text = "Please enter the info:"
    Dim et1 As EditText= input.TextField1  


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The lib you are using is 10 years ols.
I'm actually using version 4.0 from 2017 :)

I'll give a look to B4X Dialog. Being able to expose native view is surely very useful!
It's not possible with InputDialog, am I right?