iOS Question B4i bridge app

Tomas Petrus

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Hi guys I have problem.

My apple devel and my HOSTed builder expired. So I prolonged both.

Now I need to do update of B4i app but cant make it running again.

Firt it says that provison cerificate for debug expired.
So I thought OK I have to build new Bridge app.. ok

So i followed again:

But I dont see the option to allow B4I certificate - I dont see there any option just the triusted store version....

Tryied to download the ca.pem few times in row...
Now I am updating the iPhone to newest version and hoping it will help.

Any other ideas ? and cause ?

Thanks guys and have a nice weekend : )

Semen Matusovskiy

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In IOS 12.4 the process is following.

1) Open Safari and navigate to
Appears a warning "Website attempts to download configuration profile. Allow ?". Yes, allow.
2) Open settings. In the top part you will see something like "Profile is loaded" with arrow. Click this arrow and install.
3) General - About - Certificate Trust Settings. Now you will see B4i. Enable it.