iOS Question B4i Bridge building error


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I have:

#ProvisionFile: navibridge2024.mobileprovision
#CertificateFile: ios_development_2024.cer

But It gives me error:

B4i Versión: 8.00
Parseando código. (0.03s)
Building folders structure. (1.11s)
Compilando código. (0.09s)
Compilando aplicación diseñador. (0.19s)
Compilando proyecto Xcode. (2.61s)
Preparando el proyecto para el constructor. (3.00s)
Tamaño del proyecto: 2.34 MB
Enviando datos al compilador remoto. Error
Failed to parse certificate file.Error: security: SecKeychainDelete: The specified keychain could not be found.

The provision file:
  • Name:navi-bridge-2024
  • Type:Development
  • App
  • Expires:2025/02/18
The app ID:

What I am doing wrong?


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Do you have this app name explicitly declared at Or registered with a wildcard name? Either method is fine but you must have one.

Is your App ID the same as the one registered with Apple?

Perhaps your .cer file identifying you as a current developer is out of date? If all else fails then re-generate your certificates from scratch using your original .csr file. Be careful to create the certificates exactly as specified in the tutorial.
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