iOS Question b4i Bridge new iPhone 13 mini


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Hello, everyone,
I have a new iPhone 13 mini and I can't install the b4i bridge.

Developer mode is activated, Sign-Key is newly created. The new device is registered on the Apple developer site.

The following error message is displayed:

B4i Version: 8.10
Parse den Code.    (0.21s)
Building folders structure.    (0.02s)
Führe individuellen Aktion aus.    (0.04s)
Kompiliere den Code.    (0.24s)
Building designer app.    (0.02s)
Erstelle Xcode-Projekt.    (0.05s)
Projekt für Builder vorbereiten.    (0.09s)
    Projektgröße: 0.40 MB
Sende Daten an entfernten Compiler.    Error
Out: Command line invocation:
    /Applications/ -configuration Release PRODUCT_NAME=B4i-Bridge CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/Payload "CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY=iPhone Distribution: Guenter Rauch (X3F4883TZP)" "OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS=--keychain <user id>" PROVISIONING_PROFILE=efe0bc91-e048-40f7-bdcf-e9b0f427e856 -arch armv7 -arch arm64

User defaults from command line:
    IDEPackageSupportUseBuiltinSCM = YES

Build settings from command line:
    ARCHS = armv7 arm64
    CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY = iPhone Distribution: Guenter Rauch (X3F4883TZP)
    CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR = /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/Payload
    OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS = --keychain <user id>
    PRODUCT_NAME = B4i-Bridge
    PROVISIONING_PROFILE = efe0bc91-e048-40f7-bdcf-e9b0f427e856

note: Using new build system
note: Using codesigning identity override: iPhone Distribution: Guenter Rauch (X3F4883TZP)
note: Planning
Analyze workspace

Create build description
Build description signature: 3f5058f4f1916ef60cb0a5be32bfdb9f
Build description path: /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/build/XCBuildData/3f5058f4f1916ef60cb0a5be32bfdb9f-desc.xcbuild

note: Build preparation complete
warning: Building targets in manual order is deprecated - check "Parallelize build for command-line builds" in the project editor, or set DISABLE_MANUAL_TARGET_ORDER_BUILD_WARNING in any of the targets in the current build to suppress this warning
error: Missing private key for signing certificate. Failed to locate the private key matching certificate "iPhone Distribution: Guenter Rauch (X3F4883TZP)" in the keychain. To sign with this signing certificate, install its private key in your keychain. If you don't have the private key, select a different signing certificate for CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY in the build settings editor. (in target 'B4iProject' from project 'B4iProject')

Error: ** BUILD FAILED **

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?