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    Hi, i build an app to connect each to other using UDP protocol sending a message to and 8888 port.

    Also i have a C# Windows Service with similar code that send a response at port 8888 that works great with follow sample code (B4a)

    My questions is, can i do something similiar with B4J and UDP? also use in Raspberry Pi?

    I want to deprecate my C# app and go cross platform... excuse my english


    My B4a code:
    Dim Packet As UDPPacket

    Dim dest As String
    Dim data() As Byte
        data = 
        dest = 
        Packet.Initialize(data, dest, 
    Sub UDP_PacketArrived (Packet As UDPPacket)
    Dim ResponseMachine As String = "http://" & Packet.HostAddress & ":8083"
    'Here is my server!

    End Sub

    I'm sorry this question is already answered... obviously... yes we can!

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