Share My Creation B4R: low memory µC stay alive


I share this 1st example of a creation who will have more functionnalities.
I had constrains of size who needed that i use an Arduino Nano, and i have a lot of these devices.
So, i share sources of this 1st part of my project to show you that's possible to optimize our code and continue to use small devices.
B4R helped a lot for that :). With the Arduino IDE it was at the 12th version with several libraries to optimize the size of code, without success to integrate all, even with U8G Lib who's enough small.

So i decided to pass on B4R and use InlineC. I'm retired now, so i have more time to take a dip more deeply inside.
That's my real 1st program in B4R, with InlineC code inside too, so it certainely could be yet some possibles improvement and optimizations.
But it's a good example to starting with these µC who are really poor in memory.
Hope that's help you.

Below a small video to see that is rendered

I put 2 of libraries inside the zip, because i didn't remember where i found the cactus_io_BME280_I2C lib and the Oregon protocol is not deployed like a lib, only 2 .h & .cpp files.
You need 2 libraries more in your Arduino external folder :
DS3231 :
UG8Lib :
At this time UG8 Lib is no more maintained, but the new version U8G2 is really too greedy for a Nano, so i have used this version.


Edit 6/11 : The management to sending data, through an RF433MHz, to Domoticz is not implemented in this version so you can use it without the Oregon files and win a bit more space for other purposes. Don't forget to delete all things about Oregon lib in the inlineC part of code. Have fun.


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