B4J Code Snippet [B4X] Calculate the bearing between two coordinates

I have seen several discussions of this on the forum but could not fined anything specific to my needs. Here is a B4X sub that will determine the bearing between two GPS coordinates. It's been translated, slightly modified and tested from the original post by @schimanski (many thanks!). It does not require any external libraries.

Original Post:

Calculate the bearing between two GPS coordinates:
Sub GetBearing (lat1 As Double, lon1 As Double, lat2 As Double, lon2 As Double) As Int

    Dim d, tc1, sn As Double
    Dim latAlt, lonAlt, latNeu, lonNeu As Double
    'Conversion of coordinates from degrees to radians
    'LatAlt and LonAlt Are the old coordinates from which the bearing is to be determined'
    latAlt = lat1 * cPI / 180
    lonAlt = -lon1 * cPI / 180
    latNeu = lat2 * cPI / 180
    lonNeu = -lon2 * cPI / 180
    'Formula to calculate the distance between the old and the new position'
    d = 2 * ASin(Sqrt(Power((Sin((latAlt-latNeu)/2)),2)+ Cos(latAlt)*Cos(latNeu)*Power((Sin((lonAlt-lonNeu)/2)),2)))
    'Formula to calculate the bearing from the old position to the new position depending on north In radians'
    If Cos(latAlt) < 1e-7 Then
        If (latAlt > 0) Then
            tc1 = cPI
            tc1= 2*cPI
        End If
        sn = Sin(lonNeu-lonAlt)
        If Abs(sn) < 1e-7 Then
            If latAlt > latNeu Then tc1 = cPI Else tc1 = 2*cPI
        Else If sn < 0 Then
        End If
    End If
    'Recalculate the bearing from radians to degrees'
    Dim bearing As Int
    bearing = NumberFormat(tc1 * 180 / cPI,1,0)
    Return bearing
End Sub
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