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Hi there,

I am gonna share with all you "celebration book" for all known Greek names (Giorgos, Giannis, Christos, blah blah)... well in Greece we have many Names that celebrates, so a good calendar must inform for all these days (sometimes are moving because of Easter), also there are some special days (HIV, Cancer... etc -- 1st May... Day of Father, day of Mother, women..)

Greek Orthodox Church using Gregorian Calendar

Into zip there is an sqlite database has into all known dates-celebrations-special days, you can also add yours... or create a new by scratch for example (Catholic, Baptism.. etc - I am not so religious guy sorry)

I am sure that all here will be helped by that

For creating that code needed a lot of time (2-3 full dates... a lot of math... and think how the db will be easy to use for all)

All counted with in mind Greek Date Format: dd/MM/yyyy

Ofcourse all in this database (eortes.db) are in Greek (but very easy to translate)

In the code you will find two subs:
GetEasterDate(Y) ...where y is the year... will return to you the moving Easter
GetEorth(edate) ...where edate... can be a date like for example: 01/05/2022... the specific will return you the names celebrate and the 1st may celebration (LABOR MAY YEAR) which is a strike (for many is a vacation day)

Also created an example - by clicking the button you will have in screen


Who celebrated, yesterday, celebrate today, next day, next-next day !

The code is free for all (if create an app at least donate me, you can add credits for me - ask me first) - to use it (works in B4A, B4X... not tested in B4I)
You can "support" me... if you want...
Source Code is here!!!

Need some math Knowledge

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