iOS Tutorial B4X Help Viewer

Attached you find a B4x Help Viewer.
The original program was written by Andrew Graham (agraham) for B4A with Basic4PPC desktop.
Andrew is no more active in the forum and some time ago I asked him if I could get the source code to adapt it if needed.
I have been using this program since the beginning and find it very useful, simple and efficient.
As the basic help files in B4i are xml files like for B4A, I adapted the souce code to dislpay either B4A, B4i, B4J and B4R xml files.
All the credits go to Andrew Graham, I have his agreement to publish it here.

Unzip the file, it's an *.exe file, there are four libraries included.

The program is explained in the B4X Help Tools chapter 2.8 B4x Help Viewer.

EDIT 2021.09.07 Version 3.3
New user interface.


EDIT 2019.01.30 Version 3.1
Added B4X support.
For xml files for B4X Libraries.
When you compile a module into a library, an xxx.jar and an xxx.xml file are created.
When you create a B4X Library the xml help file is not automatically generated.
Erel has written an application to create xml files for B4X Libraries.
Don't copy these files into the product specific Additional Libraries folders.
Create a specific subfolder for them in the Additional Libraries folder.

EDIT 2016.04.13 Version 3.0
Added B4R support

EDIT 2015.04.18 Version 2.9
Amended the problem reported HERE


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Hi Klaus,

Thanks for taking the time to update this, unfortunately I get an error when running:


Do I need to configure it on some way?


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Excellent, thanks Klaus.


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Hello, Klaus.

I downloaded the B4x Help Viewer again as Norton had removed it from my system because of a threat.

I got the same message from Norton as I downloaded it again. Please see message below.

I find the program helpful. Can you help?





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Thanks for the help viewer.

One thing, can you change the "B4X site" icon to Anywhere Software's i.e. the same Erel uses for his avatar ?

This will give better hint of the site, IMHO.