I just wanted to say a great big thank you to the B4X team !
This development environment and IDE is so powerful and easy to use once you gain the understanding
of the environment which is equally easy with just a little practice.

I have developed a stock take app using B4A and will write one with B4i as well.
It will eventually have many more features and functions.

The shared code with the Numpad project assisted greatly ! Much appreciated Erel !
The listview and list objects are so powerful for scrolling and searching data. Especially the search function.
The panel object is also wonderful as it works just like a frame object in VB6.

A HUGE Thanks to the B4X team for developing such a powerful IDE, coding environment and compiler
as well to the wonderful developers who share concepts, designs and code.

May you be blessed !

Thank You

Zaid Boomberg


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Hi Zaid, Wellcome to B4X.
I am very happy with these tools, I am using by many year and they are keeping great in every interaction. I also support them with contributions for the great job. I am using B4A, B4J and B4I. Excellent Products and Fanstastic colleagues from all around the Word.

Welcome Again

Best Regards

Virgilio from Panama