B4J Tutorial [B4x][PHP/HTML/JS]PHP/HTML/JS OTP: Create OTP credentials & show a QR-Code which can be scanned/used with Authenticator apps

Here's an PHP/HTML example:

- create OTP credentials (including Base32 encoding)
- show a html page with these credentials and a generated QR-Code
- this code can be scanned and used with all Authenticator-Apps

What is it good for?

- the Authenticator is generating a time and pwasword based 6 digit pin number
- when you have an app in which a user can log in, you can use this pin to add more security
- here the user opens the authenticator app and gets a 6-digit pin which changes every 30 secs
- beneath a username & password, the user types in the pin
- in your app you check username, password and the pin = succesful login


- as it uses php you need to run it under Apache (Webserver). No additional ressources will be needed, jut the contents of the zip-file.

Other examples:



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