B4A Class B4xEasyTabber - Cross Platform Tabber

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So, why write another cross-platform tabber? I really didn't want to write one, but I couldn't make the existing tabbers work the way I wanted. What I wanted was a no frills tabber that allowed programmatic alteration of its content in addition to designer support. What I also wanted was a tabber that didn't use multiple "pages" on iOS's NavigationController. This just would not work correctly with the cross platform class and development strategy that I use for iOS that allows for sharing nearly 100% of the code between b4a and b4i. I really want others to use both b4a and b4i together more, and that is why I'm sharing this.

How to use in b4a:
Add the classes B4xEasyTabber and RippleOverlay to your project. RippleOverlay is used to create the click effect when you tap the tab. Add the B4xEasyTabber using the designer and generate the global variable and TabChanged events.

It is very easy to use for adding content to the tab panels and making programmatic alterations.
Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
    'Do not forget to load the layout file created with the visual designer. For example:
    B4xEasyTabber1.GetTabTitleLabel(0).Text="Tab 1"
End Sub

Sub Activity_Resume
    'restore the tab if returning to the activity or changing orientation
    If LastTab<>B4xEasyTabber1.CurrentTab Then B4xEasyTabber1.CurrentTab=LastTab
End Sub

Sub B4xEasyTabber1_TabChanged (ActiveTabNumber As Int)
End Sub
You can easily change properties of the elements.

The attached example is a cross platform starter project containing a b4a and b4i project. The b4a project contains all the code and the b4i project shares all the modules.

Here is iOS: