B4J Library [BANano] BANanoPeer library for video/audio/chat/screen sharing

Yes, I know, this is starting to sound like a real fruit basket thing 😊

BANanoPeer is a wrapper around the Peerjs library that allows you to make video/audio conferences with chat and sharing your screen via a browser.

This is also a good library you can use e.g. for making multiplayer games.

Attached is the b4xlib library with source code and the following demo:

1. To use this library, you will need to run it on HTTPS, as this is now required to do use the Webcam!
2. For the demo I disabled audio as it got me in a real sound loopback because they were in the same room. You can re-active it, see the comments in the code.



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Hi @alwaysbusy::) Camera.bjl is missing and cannot be executed,Thank You.


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nice library!
is the connection happaning to a PeerServer?
how is the data sent from client to client? through a server?


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I’m using their PeerServer in this example. You can set up your own, but I have not tried to do that. See here for more info on that https://github.com/peers/peerjs-server

The server is only used as a broker to make the connections. No peer-to-peer data is send over the broker server.

yes i saw in their side that they offer their peer server cloud version: https://peerjs.com/peerserver.html
i have downloaded the server that is written in node.js and had a look at it. it looks really good so this is a great api.

can also been installed from npm: https://www.npmjs.com/package/peerjs