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Hi there

One of the things we need to ensure about BANanoVuetifyAD3 is the enhancement of the currently existing DevRel aka Developer Relations with others Developing with BVAD3.

What has been done so far?

1. We have a Telegram Channel
2. We have a Youtube Channel (Please subscribe)
3. We have a Mashy Teaches Channel
4. We have an awesome BVAD3 Demo WebApp with powerful plugins. You can also run this locally from your web server. This showcases the most up to date version of what the BVAD3 eco-system can do. Use it as your first reference point for any element/component you want to add to your app. This WebApp comes with the complete BVAD3 API that you can use for reference as its extremely detailed.
5. My whatsapp and email are open and you can PM here.
6. Component Request - we do take requests for components that one needs and are not part of the BVAD3 space.
7. The Package Manager - this is a very important step in your final deliverable. We will continue enhancing this to ensure you have the best experience.

What are the future Plans?

1. Ensuring a very stable and bug free BANanoVuetifyAD3.

We established a "Bug Finder" thread which was to encourage other users to report bugs. We continue to appreciate all developers who find bugs and report them. At times its important to explain how the bug can be reproduced to help clear it out.

2. Listen to concerns of other Developers

We established the "Your Word Counts" campaign, which was to solicit your experiences and things you would like to see with BVAD3. We continue to appreciate your feedback about the complete ecosystem. By listening to your word, the design of the Kitchen Sink WebApp was revamped, code expanded etc etc.

In both the instances above, we continue to do our best to ensure that we deliver our best to the ecosystem. Yes, at times things fall through the cracks. We fall and rise up again.

BVAD3 is currently on LTS (Long Term Support), meaning that you will continue to receive support in any of your BVAD3. This means where you need help, you please "Start a new Thread". We are sure it will be attended to. Please also note if your question is already addressed in the Kitchen Sink WebApp, you will be referred to that.

3. Uniqueness of BVAD3. BANanoVuetifyAD3 is a unique product and a first VueJS product of its kind on top of B4x. We need to appreciate that it stands on its own merits. That does not mean it does not have shortcomings and it continues to evolve. This means that any feature that is considered redundant will likely be removed, this speaks to exactly how the VueElement and BindVueElement should NOT be used anymore as they don't serve their purpose anymore. As a result of this some legacy code had to be kept as that legacy. Fortunately plans to re-write these using the best enhanced methodologies have already started.

Note however that, like everything else in this world, nothing is 100% perfect, however, we will continue to do our best to ensure that you are covered. We continue to appreciate and use your feedback. If at anytime, you need help with a project that is not working, based on legacy code or otherwise, we are here to help.

4. Future Migration of BVAD3 to Vuetify 3. Vuetify 3 is currently in beta and there are things in it that will not be released with Vuetify 3 in the short-term, like the most important DataTable. At the current moment, with all the resources available, the forum to ask questions, (see What we have done above), with the VueJS 3 (released) and Vuetify 3 upcoming release, we thought hard about writing a developer book. This decision has rather been postponed to rather concerntrate the efforts on ensuring BVAD3 is stable and then releasing an ebook with the future Vuetify. If you feel different, you can push your thoughts in the Your Word Counts thread for the record.

What can be done now?

Well, this entirely depends on you. If there is anything to add, subtract etc, your opinions are welcome. We continue to learn and implement to provide you with a very smooth transition into this framework.

Above all else, be blessed. We live in a world where tomorrow is never guaranteed for anyone.

BANanoVuetifyAD3 is available on GitHub, a demo also available on netlify.

Happy BVAD3 Coding!!

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