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Hi there

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This is a very simple project to showcase the following:
  • VFlexDialog + Bindings to VueTable.
  • BANanoKeyStore CRUD - add, update and delete contacts using KeyValueStore
  • Sending Messages using WhatApp click to chat API.
  • A smaller version of the BANanoVuetifyAD3 library built specific to this project and used by this project. The version of the library used here was created with the BVAD3Builder.
  • The final app at the moment is 2MB without deadcode removal. We will explore this further to make it smaller.
Components Used
Drawer, Image, Hamburger, Fab, VueTable, VMsgBox, VFlexDialog, VList, VListOptions etc


Adding A Contact


Contact Details are generated by BANanoFakeIT

Editing Contact


Delete Contact


Send Short Message

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Source Code is here:

  • Copy Library/Additional to B4J Additional Libraries
  • Unzip Library/BANanoFakeIt and Library/bvad3crm

RUN the libraries to generate the B4xLibs. DO NOT Compile to Library.

Unzip and Run SourceCode/BVAD3WhatsAppCRM

Happy BANanoVuetifyAD3 Coding!

Dave G

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Wow. Installed, ran app, ran in B4J. Very interested in what you've provided as I'm in the process of learning and using browser-based apps e.g. BANano and BVAD3.

The reduction in size is significant as size of non-optimized BVAD3 was large and took awhile to transpile.

Thanks a bunch.