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  1. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    This is a port of my Basic4ppc BasicLib library to Android. I'm quite pleased with this, both as a library and as an application although I am not entirely happy with the look of the landscape layout. The port of the library from C# to Java was the first thing I did for Android and I initially ran it under my own simulation of the Basic4android environment until Erel provided me with alpha copies.

    The demo requires both my Reflection and my Dialogs libraries.

    In a departure from what will be usual for Basic4android documentation there are two chm help files included in the archive. One documenting the language and the other the library. There is just too much information there to try to put in the xml file!

    EDIT:- Version 1.2 posted. See post #2 for details.

    EDIT:- Version 1.3 posted. See post #3 for details.

    EDIT:- Version 1.4 posted. See post #4 for details.

    EDIT:- I recommend using my BasicLibIDE library, found here, instead of this version.

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  2. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    Version 1.2 now posted has a minor bug fix for the Step property and synonyms Sys for CallHostSub and SysGui for CallHostGuiSub. A new method "Call" allows the host Basic4android program to execute individual Subs in the script program. What use is that? you may ask :). The reason will appear in the "Basic4android Share Your Creations" forum tomorrow.
  3. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    Version 1.3 now posted has some bug fixes.

    Goto broke unnoticed a few C# versions ago due to performance enhancements, now fixed although you shouldn't need to use it. Array was always setting the reported array length to 1 although the actual array length was correct.

    Owing to a difference between C# and Java implementation of enums programs broke beyond a certain size, now fixed.

    There are some changes to support the use of the library in my device IDE. CanCall lets the host check if a specified Sub exists in the script, a technical change lets scripts run during Activity_Create and a stacktrace is now written to Logcat if the library catches an internal exception.
  4. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    Version 1.4 now posted fixes bug in SetArray, ShareArray and StrSplit that failed to correctly set the size of the array.
  5. hackhack

    hackhack Active Member Licensed User

    Hm, shouldn't the first post say what it does? :)
  6. pluton

    pluton Active Member Licensed User

    Inside .zip file it has help files with great explanation.

    ELCHARO Member Licensed User

    Hello agraham

    I try to use basiclib in an similar way to evaluate lib.
    Which if optimal way to send variables values inside basiclib source, to for example a label in b4x

    Thanks. Ricardo
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