Share My Creation Bezier Curve Based Talking Animated Avatar with Emotive Expressions

Introducing Bilikin. (S)he is made up solely from a collection of parameterized bezier curves.
There are no images or bitmap manipulations to create the animation effects.

The future intention is for Bilikin to be an actor on a robotic stage, moving and talking, and expressing, as defined by a script. I already have two robots who can move around a stage while talking to each other. Now they will have animated faces shown on onboard screens. My target is to have a (after suspending disbelief) credible version of "Waiting for Goudot".

You can modify the looks of Bilikin by tapping the screen and selecting the characteristics you like.
Modifiable characteristics are face shape and structure, hair color, length, texture, and bangs, and skin and eye color. Your selection is saved and loaded on re-entry.

If you look at the source code, it should be fairly obvious how I implemented the various functions.
The project is free to the B4X community and you may use and change the code as desired. As usual, I disclaim responsibility for how others use this code.

The name is derived from the unisexual name of Bil-ly in the form of a (wo)man-ikin.
It has been fun to work on this hobby project.



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Tried it, simply unbelievable :D
It looks like Artificial Intelligence when speaking. Really well done without bitmaps inside