BIT toggling feature added to Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal converter.

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    This program adds a BIT toggling feature to the Binary, Decimal,
    Hexadecimal converter program.

    The program can convert decimal values ( 0 - 255 ) to their binary
    and hexadecimal equivalents. A Bit toggling feature was added so
    that you can set individual bits in the 8-bit byte Hi or Low.

    When you set individual bits hi or low the binary, decimal and
    hexadecimal values are updated automatically to show the equivalent

    When you enter a value into the Decimal textbox, press the Yellow
    "Enter" key to update the bits in the BIT Toggling area of the screen.

    The file "Dig3pic.JPG" is a screenshot of the program.
    The file "Dig3.sbp" is the Basic4ppc source code for the program.
    The file "" is the zipped up ARMV4 (.CAB) installation file.
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