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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Firpas, Dec 10, 2013.

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    How to initialize as mutable a bitmap with config "RGB_565" createed with createbitmap2??

    Sub Process_Globals
    Dim btmpex As BitmapExtended

    Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime AsBoolean)
    If FirstTime Then btmpex.Initialize("")

    Sub BtnConvert_Click
    Dim Bmp1 AsBitmap = Img1.Bitmap
    Dim Bmp2 AsBitmap = btmpex.createBitmap2(Bmp1.Width, Bmp1.Height, "RGB_565")

    'This change the config from RGB_565 to ARGB_8888
    Bmp2.InitializeMutable(Bmp1.Width, Bmp1.Height)

    'Convert to Black and White
    For y = 0 To Bmp2.Height-1
    For x = 0 To Bmp2.Width-1
    If btmpex.getPixel(Bmp1, x, y) >= 0xFFDCDCDC Then
    btmpex.setPixel(Bmp2, x, y, Colors.White)
    btmpex.setPixel(Bmp2, x, y,
    End If
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