BUG: IME Library and .Visible

Roger Garstang

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If the HeightChanged sub contains a call to a View's .Visible property the function isn't being called on keyboard change (Or is being called twice and overrides itself). I had some comments in the IME library thread where I was thinking it was something else, but the more I changed to fix it the worse it got or other problems came up.

I modified the code to store the bitmap of the logo view in the view's tag property and set it to null when keyboard is open and to tag once it closes now and it works...probably could have set height to 0 too but with my gravity set to fill I was afraid it would mess things up. (Just being careful: I'm still a little confused as to why there are 2 ways to set the bitmap- SetBackgroundImage and the Bitmap Property, and I've seen in a few threads about the need to set gravity after setting the bitmap like it is a method for the view but really sets the gravity for the bitmap...seems like that should be a method/property of the bitmap)
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