ByteConverter Library - Ghost in the Machine ?


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So, I downloaded Erel's example for MJPEG to view images from a link/cell phone. I opened it and it required the ByteConverter Lib.

I searched and found this post ... Post with BC Lib Link
The post has this link to the Library ... BC Lib ZIP Download Link
Copied it to my B4X_Add_Libs Folder and the Lib didn't work.

I have downloaded and unzipped a million files and probably a 1000 from
So I must be doing something wrong. Started searching thru other posts and came across this thread.
agraham says ...
I've just downloaded it, as have 2790 others, and it's fine.
What is the name of the file you download and what size is it?
It should be with a size of 11,214 bytes.

So, after looking thru the first unzipped bc lib files I don't see an xml or a jar file.
So I download it again, unzip the files and put it in my B4X_Add_Libs Folder. Everything works great. Huh ???

I get up this morning, I remember what agraham says about the zip file being 11Kb. So I look at my zip files from yesterday.
Sure enough the first one was 9Kb and the second or 10th I don't remember was 11Kb. So I go back to and download every BC Lib Zip file I can find a link to on the site. They all download as 11Kb ???
Am I crazy or what ??? Does this site go to a backup server or something ? I am all good. I have what I need.
But, this was very confusing as based on some other threads I am not the only one that has encountered this.

First Time -- I am almost positive I used the same link both times.

Unzipped from my first attempt downloading Zipped BC Lib.

Every Link I hit today downloads the 11Kb zipped lib file.

Unzipped from my other attempt downloading Zipped BC Lib.

I could be wrong (it would not be the first time that's for sure!!! ) and MAYBE I hit a link with a different BC Lib Zip file.
But I could almost swear I used the same link from above. I also searched and searched this morning and could not find a link that would download the 9Kb version of the zipped BC Lib file.

I am posting this merely as an informational message. My intent this morning was to find the link with the 9Kb download and post that to try and help clear up any future confusion IF this were to happen to someone else.

But if anyone knows where the link with the 9Kb file is or why VERY RARELY you get a 9Kb file instead of an 11Kb file I would be interested to here that.

Thanks !

P.S. I don't know what I love more the portability of B4X, 90% code reuse for B4A, B4J, and B4I OR the IDE ! (F7 Rocks !!!)
P.S.S. I am a big fan of B4R too ! LOL !


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Or check the time on the 9 kB zip file, and then scroll back through your browser history to that time, see what web pages you were on around then.


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The unzipped 9KB zip looks like it is actually the ByteConverter Eclipse project zip file which includes the source code . I posted this in post #73 of the ByteConverter library thread. Perhaps you downloaded that. I should have used a different name for that zip - sorry for the confusion.


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No Worries, Agraham.
I should have realized when it didn't have the xml or jar file it was not the right lib for my use.
I guess I was thinking in the back of my mind about the b4xlibs as zips and that threw me off for a bit. :cool: