C# or VBNet for DLL creaton ??


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I had a look at Filippo's sharpdevelop sample code in 'Basic4ppc Wishlist' for his 'Textbox with ReadOnly, IgnoreKey, TextAlignment'

I added a couple of properties, compiled it and it works on my device.
It's the first time I have managed to compile a dll that has calls to System.Windows.Forms without it giving errors on my device.

How come I can compile VBNet dll's for my device, but not C# ones ?


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Strange behaviour.
If you are slecting the right target framework then there should be something wrong with your installation.

Actually both VB.NET and C# are compiled by ilasm.exe to Common Intermediate Language (CIL or MSIL)

Try using SharpDevelop to make a little app (EXE) using System.Windows.Forms.
Also take a look at their forum.


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I added a 'Labelex' class' to the dll.
Did away with the 'optional alignment' on both classes, and added an 'Align' property to both. :sign0188: Filippo
I tried to add a 'Button Align Text', but apparently it doesn't exist :(

The DLL compiles and runs on my device :sign0060:

I've attached the compiled dll, sbp example file, and the sharpdevelop.VB file of the source code in this zip file..

Labelex.align is 1 left or 2 centre. Why no right =1 ?
Textboxex.align is 0 left, 1 right or 2 centre

I'm not trying to create the best library in the world for B4PPC, just make it easier for others to get the ability to try new ventures for B4PPC.

This one works for me :cool:

DZT, Thanks for your reply :sign0100:
I don't really love you, just appreciate your replies :sign0098:


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