Share My Creation Caldroid Ingeniería electrónica

It is a pleasure to share with you my development in b4A, it is an app for lovers of very complete electronics, many calculators, pins, unit conversion, etc.
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Caldroid helps students and enthusiasts build electronic circuits. Contains the most widely used calculation tools in this field and useful technical documentation for engineering students, electrical engineers, and electronics lovers

Calculator for electronic engineering and electronics lovers. With their respective calculation equations.
The app includes
• Decoder for resistor color code (3-6 bands);
• Color code search for required resistance
• SMD resistor code decoder
• Search for SMD resistor codes from a Value
• OHM Law calculation
• Decoder for Inductor color code (4-5 bands);
• Search for required Inductor color code
• Decoder for capacitor color code
• Search for Capacitor code from a Value
• Series / Parallel of (Inductors, Capacitors and Resistance) of n Values
• Capacitive and Inductive Reactance
• Series / Parallel RLC Resonance
• Resistive Voltage Divider
• Resistive Current Divider
• Transformation Y to Delta and Vice versa
• Conversion between numerical scales (K, M, m etc)
• Conversion between Numerical Bases (2,4,8,10,16)
• Conversion of Units in the International System
-Pressure, Data Size, Area, Length, Volume
-Angle, Magnetic Flux, Magnetic Field
-Mass, Energy, Time, Frequency, speed
• Internal and external PCB track width
• CAS signal conditioning circuit design, with operational amplifier, sample final circuit to implement.
• Circuit 555 (Frequency, Useful Cycle, Monostable and Astable)
• Resistor for Voltage Regulators (Lm317, LM1117, LM137, LM337, Precision Regulator Tl431, MIC29302)
• Operational Amplifiers (non-Inverter, Inverter, Instrumentor, Follower, Derivator, Integrator, Triangular Oscillator)
• Low Frequency Transformer Design (Calculation of Wire Weight, Transformation Ratio, Transformer Section E and toroidal)
• Complex Power Calculation (AC, DC, Three-phase, Power Factor, Power: Active, reactive, Apparent)
• BJT transistor analysis (PDT bias, Maximum output excursion, Fixed Bias, Collector feedback, working Q-point plot)
• Decremental and incremental analysis of FET and MOSFET transistors in different configurations (Fixed Polarization, Auto-polarization, by PDT voltage divider) with and without a drain resistor.
• Analysis and Design of Approximate and Real Zener Regulators
• Analog to digital conversion
• resistors for LEDs of different colors and series.

-Arduino Uno, Leonardo, 101, Micro, Nano, Pro mini, Mega 2560
-Display LCD 2x16, 4x20 Lm016,
-Display 7 segments Anode and Common cathode
-Led matrix 7X5 and 8X8
-Regulators: Lm78xx, Lm79xx, Lm1117, Lm317, Lm338, Lm137
-Esp-01, ESP-07, ESP-12E, ESP-12F, ESP32, ESP32 Wrover, ESP32 Pico kit, Wemos D1 Mini
-MAC connectors (power supply and mac safe)
-ATX connector, Dell power
-STM32F103xx, STM32F303, STM32F407VET6
-Opam LM324, 741, TL081, TL082, Lm358, LM311, LM339, LM380, Lm386
-Bluetooth HC-05, HC-06
-Nema 17 engine
-RJ-45 connector
Table and Data
-Electronic Dictionary of Concepts
-Electronic Symbols
-Color table and resistor bands
-Typical Capacitor Values
-Typical Inductor Values
-OHM Law Table
-Units International System
-Size of Encapsulated SMD Capacitors
-SMD Resistors Code Analysis
-Size of encapsulated SMD resistors

-TCP / IP client
-Bluetooth Serial
-Microcontroller Database PIC, AVR, STM

Thank B4A.... Erel and his entire team