Bug? Calendar2 v1.12 - Calendar name with empty spaces


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Hi all,

can anyone proof this lib for a failure, please ?

The sync with the Google Calendar works fine. But if the calender name have empty spaces in the name, no sync is possible.

I created two Calendars with the names "Test" and "A B".

Dim myMap as Map
Dim cal As MyCalendar
myMap = cal.GetListOfAllCalendars(True)
This function works correctly and list me all calendars of my account.

But if I want to read/write data in the calendar with the correct CallID from the myMap result :

"Test" : CallID = 6
"A B" : CallID = 7

Dim mycalendarlist as List
mycalendarlist = cal.GetListofAllEventsforCalendar(CallID)

"Test" works good.
"A B" dont works. No result or change is possible.

The two calendar was filled with data. Any ideas what is going wrong ?

Edit :
I founded the mistake. I thinked, the CallID Numbers started at 0 and added +1 for each calender. But the in this case "A B" was not 7 (the last calendar). It was 11. Now it works. Sorry for posting, but maybe someone will help this recognition.
Thank you
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