Android Question Camera2/CameraEx2 Front camera preview SCALER_CROP_REGION crash

Charlie Burnham

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Hi All,

I'm experiencing crash on Camera2(v.1.11) Example (CameraEx2 v.1.30). This occurs on Camera.SetRepeatingRequest(PreviewBuilder) whenever any attempt is made to scale preview by changing the scalar crop rectangle. The app runs correctly until the zoom bar is touched. This only occurs on Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 phone (Android 11) front camera and not on other devices I have here. I have tried manually rotating the crop and also using the camera.ActiveArraySize as the crop.

Original Size return is 4080 x 3072

The unfiltered log shows this around the time of the crash:

[ERROR][ISP ] camxtfenode.cpp:4235 ExecuteProcessRequest() Off-centered zoom is not supported in DualIFE mode: HAL crop: (1605, 1192, 1013, 751), expected: width=4223, height=3135, actual active pixel array: width=4208, height=3120

I have no idea what DualIFE mode might be or how to change it, in case that is the problem.

I note that the camera app supplied with the phone does not allow zooming on the front camera, however the 3rd party "Camera MX" app has no zooming issues with this camera. I have tried the test app in both portrait and landscape orientations and also with the phone locked to these orientations and also unlocked. Results are the same so I'm guessing the Camera MX app is able to change some deep camera setting that the b4x Camera2 library cannot.

Appreciate any insights into this from anyone who has gone down this road.

Kind regards,