Android Question can someone help please with a simple example


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so I have a table with 2 fields: name and number table name is numbers

for example:
name number
fred 6324432222
sam 1213312233

basically doing the same as contact (name and number)

I want the spinner to populate from the db (I have the spinner working)
now this is where I am having the problem, I go to the onclick event of the spinner, and can read the selected name, but for some reason I keep getting errors when I try to retrieve the associate number.
the goal is to go from the spinner, and then have a button labeled call, that I can use the phone side to call.

any help would be greatly appreciated. I understand how the button will work once I have the correct number...

I have tried another query and pull the row, I have also tried the query to grab a single field. could someone provide a simple example on how to get this. I have tried single quoting the sql query as there are spaces in the names (all names of businesses).