Android Question Can't Find Folders on the SDcard....


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I've been trying to use the Table-Album example as a basis for my own simple app to show some pics on the screen and have "fallen at the first hurdle" as they say...
Erels example "B4XTable - Photos Album" app (Activity_Create sub) returns the message that it can't find the camera folder, but it's clearly there on the SDcard, with photos in it. I've also tried it with a modified path so that rather than "DCIM/Camera" it says "TESTFOLDER" and I made a root folder called "TESTFOLDER" and it didn't find that either.But I can see it's there (and its contents) from the MyFiles app on the same tablet.
Permissions all seem fine, as far as I can see.
There are no errors being reported on the tablet as far as I can see, so I'm a bit stuck at the moment..
The tablet it's running on is a galaxy tabA 2016 and it says its running android 8.1.0
I'm running B4A V9.30
Has anything by any chance changed to prevent apps accessing the SDcards even though it tells you they have access?
I've scoured the forums for a while but haven't yet found anything that hekps me with this.
I'm a real noob at this, my only other app was a machup of the bluetooth and oscilloscope examples, so any suggestions would be welcome.

( The thread status of the Photos Album tutorial is locked, so I can't post this there, so apologies if this shoudl be posted somwhere else.)

Thank you for readng !



And within half an hour of posting my question I ventually find the answer on the forum!, posted by Erel, in anticipation of idiots like me..

Erels example is indeed using the INTERNAL storage, it just gets called DirRootExternal by the android o.s.

Apologies, I have a lot to learn. I'm leaving my noob mistake here for others to learn from. Don't be as dumb as me, and try spending SEVERAL hours trawling the forums before posting, not just one...
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