Android Question Changing color of a dynamically added panel.

Gary Miyakawa

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Here is the issue I am having.

I've created a scrollview with a number of dynamically added panels (think of an active calendar). I can click on one of the panels and it will return to me the panel tag (thru Sender) and I can adjust colors at that point.


I want to be able to change the color of the panel even though it has NOT been clicked (Event going active at a specific time).

I can't figure out how to "address" the right panel...

Probably something simple but I'm at a loss..

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated !


Gary Miyakawa


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Dim p As Panel = ScrollView1.Panel.GetView(2)  '3rd panel in scrollview
     'p.Color = colors.Red

Gary Miyakawa

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Thank you ! It wasn't exactly what I needed but it put me on the right path..

I had to do the panel(view) that was added to the scrollview.

Works now!

Thank you for the assistance!

Gary M