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SubName: ChoiceBox_MousePressed

If you need to set the items in a choice box based on data or processes in your app it can be problematic to maintain the list when multiple changes occur, this can simplified by setting the items just before the choices are presented where you only have to create the items list once.

To do this we can use the standard MousePressed callback which fires before the choices are shown.

If you have more than one Choicebox, you can set the event names the same and handle them all in one sub, or do them separately if you prefer.​

Private Sub ChoiceBox_MousePressed (EventData As MouseEvent)        'ChoiceBox is the eventname set for your Choicebox(es)
    If Sender = cbNewRecordTag Then                                    'Create data for this Choicebox if you have multiple choice boxes, set the eventnames the same and select the currently clicked one here
        Dim JO As JavaObject = Sender
        If JO.RunMethod("isShowing",Null) = False Then                'Only populate new data if the Choicebox is opening
            cbNewRecordTag.Items.Clear                                'Clear existing entries
            For Each Item As String In MineXML1.NonDataMap.Keys        'Populate the choices
        End If
    End If
End Sub

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