[CLOSE] Placement/add of buttons by an application user.

Jarek I&Q

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Hello everybody.

I need a library/code for B4A.
The main requirements:

- A user can add a button to a panel (the buttons shall be "toggle").
- The user can select a pre-set button, e.g. four available sizes of buttons.
- The buttons shall be of equal height. Only their width is different.
- The buttons should automatically align, e.g. to a screen grid. Similar to placing icons on a desktop of a launcher.
- The color of the button can be selected from some color palette.
- User can write a text on the button. Long text can be scrolled.
- The possibility of placing a graphics/icon (a fixed size) on the button is welcome.
- User can add a new panel for new buttons. The panels scroll horizontally, e.g., with a swipe gesture.
- All settings must be saved, so: the size of the button, its position on the panel, state, color, text, icon... and some additional data (several bytes). The use of tags for this purpose is welcome.
- Screen layout settings must be easily copied to another device, i.e. the settings from first device play the screen layout/composition on new device.
- Updating the application can not overwrite settings.
- I now use the LCD screen size 800x480 pixels, scale = 1 (160 dpi). Scaling for other resolutions is welcome.

If necessary, request additional details.
Please price a working application/example together with the code for B4A.
Beginning as soon as possible.

See you,
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