B4R Library [code module] SPI

Discussion in 'B4R Libraries' started by Roycefer, Mar 5, 2017.

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  1. Roycefer

    Roycefer Well-Known Member Licensed User

    This should tide us over until we get an official SPI library.

    Included in the code module are two methods demonstrating the use of the module with an MCP3008 SPI ADC and an MCP4131 SPI DAC.

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  2. whcir

    whcir Member Licensed User

    How can i use this to access the 2nd SPI port?
  3. Roycefer

    Roycefer Well-Known Member Licensed User

    What board are you using? Do you have an Arduino sketch or code snippet that shows accessing a 2nd SPI port? I'm not sure if that's possible.
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