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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by DieterR, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. DieterR

    DieterR Member Licensed User

    I am just working with the new 5.5 IDE for the first time and was realy confused about the following behaviour in the debug mode:

    1.) When the mouse pointer is moved over a variable that contains a string starting with '<' then the IDE interprets it as XML and shows the error message 'The XML was improperly formated. Please escape if necessary.'
    If the string contains a complete XML sequence like '<trk></trk>' then no data (an empty string), e.g. 'x=' is shown.
    This might be a nice feature when I work with true XML data, but I wish I could disable it.

    2.) Not a real problem is the following effect: If I use a variable called 'i' and I'm moving with the mouse pointer over any 'i' of 'End If' then the content of the variable i is shown. But it is not shown if 'If' stands at the begin of a line. This effect can also be observed with many other variable names.
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