B4R Question Connecting to a solar inverter

José J. Aguilar

Licensed User
Hi all:

Again... no idea of how achieve this, so I need your help.

We have a small house near the beach, and we have installed an isolated solar system a few days ago.

This is the inverter we have:

It has:
- Integrated Bluetooth interface with Android App.
- Reserved communication port (RS-485, CAN-BUS or RS-232) for BMS.

It has a PC software, and you can connect throught RS-232 or USB to the PC. Installing a PC to see the data with teamviewer is not the best solution.
I have a ESP8266, from this thread, I think first think thing I'd need to start playing is a RS232->TTL converter? (the linked one, for example?)
It would be the ESP8266 enough to start watching the serial data and try to extract the values I'd like to see?

Thanks in advance.