Android Code Snippet Contextual Menu in CLV item justified Label to select text

based 100% on this contribution from erel:

Greetings to all, I want to publish this to help others who, like me, are newbies to b4a, since a few days ago I was having the need to select text in a LABEL with justified text that I use within a CLV to show certain large strings and I could not find something that will help me to do it until I found this example of erel to customize the context menu, using java code, and it has been my basis for the solution to this need, I must clarify that I hardly know anything about java programming, but I managed to do these modifications and adapt it to be able to select the text of my LABEL in the CLV items and later color those portions of text, I hope it is understood and it helps others as well as it served greatly for me and please, if there are errors, let them know in public So that we all learn more, I am not an expert but maybe one day I will be šŸ˜›, greetings.


Remember before selecting text in the LABEL, it must be made selectable::
    Dim jo As JavaObject = lbl
    jo.RunMethod("setTextIsSelectable", Array As Object(True))

Adapted code ...:
Sub ContextMenu_Create(ActionMode As JavaObject, FocusedView As View)
    Dim menu As JavaObject = ActionMode.RunMethod("getMenu", Null)
    menu.RunMethod("clear", Null)
    Dim event As Object = menu.CreateEvent("android.view.MenuItem.OnMenuItemClickListener", "ContextMenuClick", True) 
    For Each s As String In Array("Colorear Seleccion") 'menu items here
        menu.RunMethodJO("add", Array(s)).RunMethod("setOnMenuItemClickListener", Array(event))
    Wait For ContextMenuClick_Event (MethodName As String, Args() As Object)
    Dim MenuItem As JavaObject = Args(0)
    Dim title As String = MenuItem.RunMethod("getTitle", Null)
    Log(title & " was clicked!") '<---- do what ever you like with the click!!!

    If FocusedView Is Label Then  ' I use a LABEL with justified text strings in my CLV items
        Dim et As Label = FocusedView
        '*** the getseleccionini method returns the initial position of my selection within the string
        Dim jo As JavaObject = Me
        Dim selectioninicial As Int = jo.RunMethod("getSelectionIni", Array(et))
        Log("Inicia en "&selectioninicial) 'selection starting position

        '*** the getseleccionfin method returns the final position of my selection within the string
        Dim jo As JavaObject = Me
        Dim selectionFinal As Int = jo.RunMethod("getSelectionFin", Array(et))
        Log("Finaliza en "&selectionFinal) 'final position of the selection
        Select title
            Case "Colorear Seleccion"
                'when I get the two coordinates I only color my selection
        End Select     
    End If
    ActionMode.RunMethod("finish", Null)
End Sub

#if Java
 import android.view.*;
 import anywheresoftware.b4a.AbsObjectWrapper;
 import android.text.Selection;
 import android.widget.TextView;
    public void onActionModeStarted(ActionMode mode) {
        processBA.raiseEvent(this, "contextmenu_create", AbsObjectWrapper.ConvertToWrapper(new anywheresoftware.b4j.object.JavaObject(), mode),
            AbsObjectWrapper.ConvertToWrapper(new anywheresoftware.b4a.objects.ConcreteViewWrapper(), getCurrentFocus()));
    public void onActionModeFinished(ActionMode mode) {
    public static int getSelectionFin(TextView et) {
        return Selection.getSelectionEnd(et.getText());
    public static int getSelectionIni(TextView et) {
        return Selection.getSelectionStart(et.getText());
#End If


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