Control properties library (access TabIndex & TabStop)


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Here is a simple library, with demo and help file, that provides access to the properties of controls that are not exposed by Basic4PPC.

The impetus for this was to provide a straight forward way to set the TabIndex and TabStop properties of controls so that the tab order, and the controls in the tab order, could be defined. This is mainly what the demo app included shows.

However I generalised it to include all properties but note that it is not useful for many properties. It is also not an efficient way to access properties that are already accessible in Basic4PPC. The property access in the library is accomplished by a search for a matching propery (if any) and so takes time.

This library works on desktop and device, in the IDE and in both compiled modes. It requires .NET 2.0



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Hi agraham,

(I was thinking about something similar but You have beaten me on the time...)
Really a good job! :sign0188: