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Discussion in 'Additional libraries, classes and official updates' started by omidaghakhani1368, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. omidaghakhani1368

    omidaghakhani1368 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    With this library you can convert numbers to words
    example : convert 1200000000 to "one billion two hundred million"
    in next version add other language to library if it is good

    Dim i As Number2Words

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  2. MarcoRome

    MarcoRome Expert Licensed User

    God job Omid ;)
    Is it possible convert also in another language ?

    opps... i see that you already ready for this :)
    Thank you
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  3. omidaghakhani1368

    omidaghakhani1368 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    of course,now i should working hard on my project,when free my time i add new language
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  4. ArminKH

    ArminKH Well-Known Member

    merci omid,good bashi ever;)
  5. NJDude

    NJDude Expert Licensed User

    Just make sure you deal with POSITIVE numbers, entering something like:
    Will return the wrong result.
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  6. omidaghakhani1368

    omidaghakhani1368 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Oooof i didn't understand but you can place "Minus" before word maybe?
  7. sorex

    sorex Expert Licensed User

    you'll have fun with other languages. :)

    In dutch (and german?) they start with the last part of the number than the first. (or last, first, second see below)

    34 > thirty four (eng) > four and thirty (dutch and roughly translated)
    128 > one hundred twenty eight > hundred eight and twenty
  8. Johan Schoeman

    Johan Schoeman Expert Licensed User

    Also applies to Afrikaans
    34 > vier-en-dertig
    128 > honderd agt en twintig
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2015
  9. jsanchezc

    jsanchezc Member Licensed User

    Good job!!, Thanks!!!
    I can help to add Spanish language, feel free to contact.
  10. PoleStar

    PoleStar Member Licensed User

    Nice Share :)
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