Android Question could it be possible?


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I was just think ou loud today...(yes, it was me you heard...)
Remember the registration process the win xp?
You had a product key, the the install process would create an install key, which would have to be validated by microthing service by the mean of a validation code created by the service with the help of the install key... (Wayyyyy too laborious!!!)

I crossed a few QRCodes today, and asked myself... What if...
Imagine a user that decided to buy your app after using the free version for a few days... Instead of downloading a "licensing" apk fromfrom GP, he could go to your in app billing service, pay the "licence" and in the server side, once payment was received, a QRCode would be generated using the payment ID, which would also have been saved in app.All your user would have to do was to flash the QRCode inside the app to licence it.. Thus avoiding the extra app download and GP all together...
What do you guys think?
Overkill? Unpractical? Any thoughts at all?
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Overkill, Unpractical and unnecesary.

If you want to use the in app payment, you can build a single apk with conditionals to be demo, and just check with google if the user has bought the app to unlock the "licenced" mode.
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