Covert small webview b4a app to b4i


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i have a small webview app made with B4A, we want to convert it to B4I

the application views a website with webview and receive notifications with firebase
there is also 2 small activities

all code is simple clean and quoted with explanations

libraries used attached
modules used attached

if one library is not available to B4I no problem with an alternative library or finding a workaround

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View attachment 83733

please contact me with expected price, or if you have any questions



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App Store Will Not Accept an APP Where Built From Webview.
I don't think that is accurate - I have two apps in the App Store and their sole purpose is to use a Webview to display a particular website.

Worse case you may need to provide proof (to apple) that you are authorized to have the app display the website and it's content (authorization from the owner of the website if you are not).
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