Crashed B4PPC on device trying serial port

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by mjcoon, Mar 30, 2009.

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    You are a bit short on detail here! :confused: What is your device and OS? Is this serial port hardware on the device or is it a virtual Bluetooth or other port? This 3rd party app you are having trouble with - what is it and is it trying to use this serial port? Is it throwing the same error or if not in what way is it failing? That error is apparently an access violation so on which line of code is it occurring
  3. mjcoon

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    Thanks for response.

    It may be that the problem is per:

    "As Zenerdiode wrote, you should replace SerialDesktop.dll and SerialDevice.dll with Serial2.dll or SerialEx.dll. The older libraries are not compatible with .Net CF 2.0."

    (If the "not compatible" could result in a crash.)

    But my device is a F-S Loox 560 running WM5.0 and the serial I want is plain COM1. Which, as a device+cable works OK to ActiveSync, for example.

    Anyway, I changed the above source code, on my device, to use Serial2.dll and altered some serial settings which were not what I wanted and I can now run it to do simple stuff. So now perhaps I can go back to the 3rd-party application (which is MobileVT) and see if I can get [X|Y|Z]modem protocol working to my Psion which purports to support them too...

    Cheers, Mike.
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