Create a shotcut on Pocket Desktop?


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It is possible to create your apps shortcut with it's own icon on the Programs, Games and Startup folders using tge setup builder 1.1...

This is available in This topic.
The setup-builder is a b4ppc project file, wich gathers all needed information, and then executes the necessary batch processes to create your cab.


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Yes, File Explorer can do it. Press and hold on the required file then select "Copy". Go to the folder where you want the shortcut. Press and hold on a blank area of the form then select "Paste shortcut"

EDIT - More detail - I assume you want it see it in the Program menu so paste the shortcut in
"My Device\Windows\StartMenu\Programs" and rename it to whatever you want. If you want you can make sub-folders here to contain your shortcuts - like Games that should already be there.
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