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Discussion in 'Italian Forum' started by Raytracer, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Raytracer

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    Rieccomi... :)
    Non riesco a venire a capo di un errore che mi viene segnalato quando mando in esecuzione questa routine:

    Sub Globals
    Dim data(32768) As Byte, strings(102) As Byte, secret(0) As Byte, strbyte(0) As byte, temp(0) As Byte
    Dim Buffer(4096) As byte, FotoR(100), URL, sum
    Dim number(0) As int32
    Dim Etot(8) As Byte
    PassPhrase = "Passphrase numero uno 1 3243565476878878767"
    PassPhrase2 = "Passphrase numero due 21 457889867684332423"
    End Sub

    Sub App_Start
    End Sub
    Sub Button1_Click
    secodes = "ed-4b-6f-39-e0-6e-4b-6d-b3-c-83-d4-ff-f7-80-59-bf-28-f2-a1-b7-ab-47-39-bd-42-3b-8a-a6-de-96-16-4a-3d-ee-4d-65-7e-31-e4-e2-66-2-1d-c0-c0-b4-8e-19-2a-2e-b7-bd-43-33-95-fe-e9-80-bb-c8-75-f1-5c-3e-a2-ba-80-52-64-6-d7-f5-10-95-9b-18-99-3c-12-f5-91-bd-de-ca-3a-78-37-37-84-5d-f5-d4-b1-3d-f2-9a-b2-5f-ea-20-eb-3b-76"
    secret() = StrSplit(secodes,"-")
    For i = 0 To ArrayLen(secret())-1
    strings() = crypto.Decrypt(passphrase2,secret())
    stringa = Bit.bytestostring(strings(),0,102)

    L'errore restituito è "crypto error" e viene restituito in corrispondenza della riga in grassetto. :(
    Qualche idea? Grazie in anticipo a chi vorrà aiutarmi...
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