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Android Question CustomDialogs

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by GiovanniPolese, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. GiovanniPolese

    GiovanniPolese Active Member Licensed User

    I use B4A very seldom, at intervals of years, for a particular job. Nevertheless I always update the software and I have latest release. Loading an older working code, it displays now that CustomDialog doesn't exist and that I must load a library. Despite I don't remember to have deleted such a library, and the computer is the same, I downloaded the actual library, namely Dialogs. As usual I put the jar and xml files in Programs (x86)\AnywhereSoftware. I also reinitialize the computer, but this libray doesn't appear in the list of the libraries to load. Of course I verified that it is inside the above folder.. Probably I am missing something, due to the elapsed time. Probably there are also other differences and I am rather worry about..
  2. GiovanniPolese

    GiovanniPolese Active Member Licensed User

    I downloaded Dialogs2 not Dialogs as written above.
  3. udg

    udg Expert Licensed User

    Dialogs/Dialogs2 are not internal libs, to my knowledge. You should upload them to your Addition Libraries folder.
    Programs (x86)\AnywhereSoftware.. could pose limitations due to OS permissions for the actual user (i.e not being an administrator)
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  4. GiovanniPolese

    GiovanniPolese Active Member Licensed User

    Great. Your answer resolved. I also have a doubt on Starter thread, that I remember that I was always using, and now doesn't appear loading the code. But, in this case, I can really miss something more. Anyway, many thanks.
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