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Hi everyone, I've been using this dialog for a while, but I'm making an app aimed at tablets and I noticed that it comes out with an extra width.

I've read here and HERE that it's an android bug, but the standard calendar comes out perfect. I know there may be some solution from the creators of these libraries or other forum members, help me if you can.

This is the datedialog of the external library:


This is the default(Screenshot of google calendar):



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I've read here and HEREthat it's an android bug, but the standard calendar comes out perfect
No, that refers to a bug that doesn't show the entire dialog on some devices in landscape which is why I made DateDialog2 and TimeDialog2.

I don't regard this extra width as a bug. It probably arises because of the way Android lays out the dialog on screens that are 'squatter' than the more usual vertically elongated screens on most phones. It might be possible to do something about this with some additional code but as it doesn't affect usability I intend to leave it as is.
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